KMSAuto description and a link to download the current version of the app

KMSAuto is designed to activate Microsoft products such as Windows and Office. More precisely, all versions of programs that support KMS activation can be activated. This means that you can activate programs such as Microsoft Office 2007.2021 and Microsoft Windows 7-11. These programs support activation via a remote Microsoft key verification server, so they are perfectly amenable to activation through the KMSAuto Net program.

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  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run KmsAuto.
  3. Activate Win&Office.

This program has several different versions. Depending on the user’s needs, you can select the desired version of the program. Here is the table below, which briefly describes the versions of Kms Auto.

Brief description of activator versions

KMSAuto Lite is an activator for such operating systems as Windows 10, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2. You can also use this version to activate MS Office 2013, 2010. Task scheduler configuration is available.

KMSAuto Portable is a version of the program that works perfectly from a USB flash drive or disk and does not require installation on the user’s PC. Also, the activator of this version does not need Internet access. In the program’s functionality, you can configure the task scheduler and activate it according to a schedule.

KMSAuto Net is the full version of the activator. This program activates all modern versions of Windows and Office. There are also 5 activation modes available. Configuring the task Manager and activating it on a schedule. The full features and capabilities of the program can be read in the file readme.txt which is in the archive.

KMSAUto Lite Portable NET

Where to download KMSAuto and how to install it on your PC?

KMSAuto Net can be downloaded from this page. Here I have posted a link to the official source of the program. In order to download the archive with the program, you need to use a browser. Clicking on the button will take you to the program page. Next, the download process will begin automatically. The archive with the program is available for download as long as the author approves the free distribution of the program for educational purposes.

This activator does not need to be installed. You can run the program from the archive. By the way, you will need an archiver to unpack the archive. After you launch the activator, you will be able to use all its functions.

Description of the activation principle using Kms-Auto

How does activation work? Everything is simple. Now I will tell you in simple language. Kms-Auto, after you have downloaded and launched it, creates a virtual server. This server is a copy of the original Microsoft server, which is located on the Internet and checks thousands of Windows and office licenses daily. And our created virtual server will check only our Windows or Office and for this you do not need an Internet connection. And thanks to this, your PC will work faster, since less RAM and processor resources will be spent.

How do I activate Windows or Office?

The activation procedure is very simple. It takes a few minutes and it doesn’t make much sense to describe it in detail. Therefore, I will tell you briefly about how to activate it. After you have downloaded the archive with the program, you should run it. After launch, just the program interface will appear, in which you need to select a product for activation (Windows or Office). Next, the activator will do its job and after that the archive with the activator can be deleted.

Kms Auto Net Activation

A free alternative to Microsoft Office is LibreOffice. It is an office suite that includes a text editor, spreadsheets, presentations, and other tools similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It supports most Microsoft Office file formats and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

A free alternative

Possible errors when starting the KMS activator

You should understand that Windows and office activators can only be used for personal purposes and for general development. During the launch of the Kms-Auto activator, you may encounter the problem of blocking the program. The most common cause of this error is antivirus programs such as Windows Defender. Excessive control by Microsoft sometimes annoys users. If you are sure of the source from which you downloaded the program and know why you are running it, then the only solution is to temporarily disable the programs that damage your computer. Next, these programs should be turned on again. Windows Defender is disabled in Windows settings from the start panel.

Another error during activation is the Windows version error, when the operating system has an edition that is inappropriate for activation using the kms service. This error is solved by changing the version of the operating system from the kmsauto net panel. If the activation error is 0xc004f074, you should make sure that your firewall does not prohibit connections to your KMS-Service.

If you are unable to activate, then perhaps your product is not intended for activation from KMS-service, or your antivirus is blocking activation.

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  1. Disable Defender.
  2. Run KmsAuto.
  3. Activate Win&Office.

Launching and Using KMSAuto Net Utility

So, if you have read all the material in this article carefully, you are ready to launch the activator. In this section we will describe in detail the procedure of installing the KMSAuto Net program and launching it. If you still don’t understand something, read the article again carefully.

It is important to know that for successful activation of Windows or Office you need to pause your antivirus. Or add the activator to the system exceptions of your antivirus program. If you do not do this, the archive you downloaded will be deleted or blocked.

KMSAuto download for Windows 10 and Office

You should read about how to temporarily disable your antivirus complex on your computer on the manufacturer’s website. If you are using the standard Windows Defender, it is disabled in the system settings of the operating system.

After you have followed the recommendations for configuring your antivirus software, we can look at the process of running the activator on your computer.

The author’s opinion

There are many programs for activating paid Microsoft products. If you are interested in this topic, you are interested in how activation works and you want to see the operation of the KMS server in action, then it is certainly better to opt for the KMS-AUTO program.

You will be able to configure the entire functionality of the program as flexibly as possible. You will have access to the task scheduler, as well as 5 activation methods. Including manual mode with full customization of all details and functions. But it’s worth noting that you should use manual mode only if you have experience in this. To sum up, it’s safe to say that you’ve read an article about the best activator of its kind.

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