The Activation Script for MS Office 21,19,16,13,11

The Activation Script for MS Office uses the KMS activation method using HWID/Ohook/KMS38/Online technology, open source, which makes fewer antivirus detections. The advantage of the script is that it is a small application whose core is written in bat. In the archive you will find both the source code and the exe file for faster activation.

How to download and how to run the script?

You can download the archive with the latest activation script for MS Office from the link below. The archive contains the source code of the program, as well as a visual application for quick launch out of the box.

Click here for Download

  1. Off Win Defender.
  2. Run Script.
  3. Activate Office.

Method one (Simple and fast)

Download the archive using the link. To open the archive, run the program for working with zip and rar files. Next, run the application directly from the archive and follow the instructions. The operation will take no more than 5 minutes. The script will run automatically. The user does not need knowledge and skills.

The disadvantages of this method is that it is subject to anti-virus criticism of your antivirus software.

Method number two

You also need to download the archive. The archive contains the source code of the activator for MS Office. In the DATA folder, you can find the bat files to start activation from the command line. This method is more flexible, but it will take longer to activate. The visual program has the same effect and saves you time to activate. This activation method (using the activation script) works only on the Windows operating system. OS such as MAC and Linux are not supported.

Additional script features

This scenario can also activate the Windows operating system. On a par with the activators KMSAuto and KMSpico, this script works just as effectively. Fine-tuning of the functionality is possible. After completing the task, you can delete the archive along with the activator. This will not affect the license of Microsoft products in any way. The program leaves no traces of the operating system and in the registry.